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Mag.a Karin Bauer-Böhm,

Psychotherapist (Person-centered psychotherapy),Clinical and Health Psychologist, 1190 Vienna

Mag.a Karolin Hirr,

Psychotherapist (Person-centered psychotherapy), Clinical and health psychologist, 1170 Vienna

Mag. Christoph Kiesling,

Psychotherapist (Behavioural therapy),

1170 Vienna

Dr. Angela Kundegraber-Leherb

Psychotherapist (Person-centered psychotherapy)

1010 Vienna, 1020 Vienna

Systemic Supervision & coaching

Mag. Franziska Kanatschnig, 4020 Linz

Psychological Counseling & TCM

Mag, 2700 Wr. Neustadt

Specialists in Psychiatry

Dr. Monika Rupp-Adelmann,1220 Vienna

Physiotherapy & osteopathy

Christina Ditz, Bsc, Physiotherapist, 1170 Vienna

...for well-being at home

Architecture and interior designJulia Zillinger, DI,1080 Vienna, 3032 Eichgraben


Anna Lena Haye, media photographer, D-23758 Oldenburg i.H.

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